Why us?

Stop On A Dime with Change Back!

My brakes stop on a dime and give me change back! They are awesome.

Just Outstanding!

I received my relined brake bands today and can't express in words how great they look. You provide a supremely valuable service to the classic car industry. Thank You, thank you.

The Fountain of Youth!

Thanks for helping me bring another piece of history back to the streets.

My Dad's Tractor

I received my brake shoes today and I must say they look awesome. Great job. Thank You so much. This tractor belonged to my Dad, it was his baby and had been since new. He passed away in his sleep. I noticed the brakes were out and looked everywhere. The tractor means to much to me to get rid of it and looked some more, I was about to give up when I saw your website and you know the rest. I just wanted to tell you that story so you would know how happy you made me and my Dad where ever he may be.

Looks Fantastic!

I got my booster back yesterday and wanted to Thank You once again as it looks brand new!

I really have fun driving now!

Hey I gotta tell you guys, the brakes made a huge difference in the way the car stops and how it drives. It feels like a new car, I can actually apply the brakes when approaching an intersection rather than applying them as I start towards the next intersection!

”Thank You for rebuilding the brake booster for my 1966 Galaxie 500, it worked perfectly! Now that the brakes work, my wife can ride with me, LOL Thanks again.”

Richard L, Galaxie Enthusiast

”I received the order on Friday. Great job right down to the genuine brass rivets. Just as important was your kind and considerate service all included at a fair price. I will highly recommend Brake Materials & Parts to all my friends. Thanks"

Nick J, 1941 Dodge Enthusiast

Here's what our customers say

”Nice Job, very professional. I think that's the first time we've received brake shoes that didn't need work prior to installation. You'll get our brake business in the future. Best Regards."

Dennis F, Restoration Specialist

”You had the parts that I couldn't find anywhere. You packaged and sent right away. Thank You" Robert S

”I just felt a need to Thank You for that extra mile you went for me on the brakes. Our Model T tour was the best we had ever had. The highlight was at Winchester Speedway. Thanks"

Don P, Model T Enthusiast

”Kindness like yours makes a difference. I just wanted to drop you a line to express the gratitude for placing lining on those set of brake shoes for my old Coop -E-3 tractor that you performed for me last week. It is so comforting to know of someone like your shop that does such expertise work on old parts. This tractor is a 1951 model and I'm very proud of it."

Sheldon J, Vintage Tractor Enthusiast

”This is one of the Nicest Businesses I've dealt with in the old car hobby.”

Frank D, Classic Car Enthusiast

”I received the relined brake shoes for my '36 Buick yesterday. They look fantastic! I just wanted to Thank You and let you know how much I appreciate your attention to detail.”

David C., Buick Enthusiast

”Just received the booster - it is beautiful. Looks like brand new, just what I hoped for. Thanks for a great job.”

Ron C., Mercedes Benz Enthusiast

”Received my Hillman brake shoes today and can't express in words how good these look. I can't believe these are the same shoes. You provide an supremely valuable service to the classic car industry. Thank You, Thank You!”

David W., 1960 Hillman Minx Enthusiast