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Since 1936


...and Now!                 

We stock new parts and can rebuild just about any brake system.

We offer custom relining and rebuilding services based on individual needs including but not limited to: brake bands, brake shoes, calipers, master cylinders, wheel cylinders, power brake units and industrial brakes.  

We also offer a large variety of friction materials and products.

We make custom steel brake lines and brake hoses to custom lengths with the fittings you need for special applications. 

We usually  have custom orders completed within two to three business days or same day if possible.

Give us a call 260 426-3331 our friendly staff will be very happy to help you with your braking needs.


Brake Materials & Parts Inc.

800 Sherman Blvd  Fort Wayne IN  46808

260-426-3331 or        



Since 1936 

In 1936, Hazel and Harold began a brake company in the basement of their home. 

Surviving The Great Depression, WWII and countless personal and financial challenges, Hazel and her children pioneered a company through hard work, ingenuity and customer service. 

The company would eventually be renamed and relocated a few times, and 75 years later, the third generation leadership believes in the same principles: hard work, ingenuity and customer service.

We would like to express our gratitude to each and every customer.

THANK YOU for your loyal support, we have felt your warm enthusiasm and are eternally grateful and dedicated to continue offering QUALITY BRAKE PARTS that meet or exceed OEM parts.

We invented the term  PERFORMANCE BRAKE PARTS.  If we wouldn't put the part on our personal vehicle then we will NOT sell it.  We demand QUALITY, RELIABILITY and PERFORMANCE that is equal to or better than Original Equipment (OEM), in most cases far better! 

OUR MISSION Statement: 

From the moment we open until closing time and sometimes even after:

To provide the highest quality brake parts, service and expertise at just prices in a personal and friendly manner.

To provide the information needed for our customer to make an educated purchasing decision.

Brake Materials & Parts Inc.

800 Sherman Blvd, Fort Wayne IN  46808

 260-426-3331 or Email:   


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  • "Brake Materials & Parts Inc. is the only place I go to get parts for the brakes on my Jeep fleet. A happy customer since 1974 ... They can repair any type of power brake boos..."
    Moose from Fort Wayne IN
    Professional Mechanic, Fleet Manager and Jeep Enthusiast
  • ""I was very happy with the excellent work on my brake shoes. I will highly recommend you. Thank You it was a pleasure to do business with you.""
    Martin K
    "DeSoto Enthusiast"
  • "You had the parts that I couldn't find anywhere. Scott packaged and sent the parts right away. THANK YOU for the quick and friendly service."
    Robert from Jeffersonville OH
    Delighted Customer